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Talk to me. ;)

Nice. Dirty. Questions. Statements. Anything. ;)

New glasses.

I kinda hope I die in my sleep.

No more worries.
No more pain.
No more twisting of my heart.
No more feeling like nothing.

Somehow the day was good.

Until I got home. I got home and someone is in a bad mood. So cool. I’ll just drink my beer and smoke with my cat.

Open house today.
Briight as heck.. I love dressing like this.

So horny

Wanna fuck something

Hot. Horny. Sad.

Not a good combo.

Not thrilled about gettin out of bed.

I haven’t had anything anonymous..

Or otherwise in my box for like a month.

Feeling like I look pretty decent today. Good thing, cause I have an interview.

Ask me anything

I’m feeling talkative.

I’m scared I’m loosing me.

I don’t know who I’m becoming. All.I know is that I don’t like it.

I want to be sweet and level headed. That’s all I had going for me. Now I just am bitter and angry and I’m not good looking at all, so I’m just worthless as a person.

Im not sure if it is my job or just where I’m at in life right now, but I don’t like it at all. I feel terrible, like I’m going onto change too much and I’ll loose everyone. I dunno what ti do. I’m trying so hard, I just can’t seem to figure it all out. Me out. Life out..